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Thrashing thru Mexico tour recap
Posted 2/20/2014
Well the tour is over and we had a great time. Played lots of great shows with a lot of awesome bands. Made a lot of new friends and got to experience the full flavor of Mexico. We are grateful for all the support we received in making this tour run so smoothly. Eduardo from Metal Union Productions and From Oblivion was incredible and without him there would not have been a tour. Pepe who is the drummer from the band From Oblivion acted as our driver for the tour and he put in a lot of long hours behind the wheel. He always got us to the venue on time and in one piece so we are very thankful for that. Of course all the sound people at each venue as well as the individual promoters, venue owners, set up crew and everyone else that worked so hard to make the tour a success. And of course a big thank you to the people of Mexico for their amazing hospitality. 

Enjoy this video from the Guadalajara Metal Fest.

We will return soon

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